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The Webifly Builder is a powerful page builder with front-end and back-end interfaces. Whether you prefer working on the live site or in the admin area, this comprehensive and user-friendly page builder allows you to create intricate layouts effortlessly, even without coding experience.

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The builder remains unchanged in its core but operates on a different principle.This tool highlights real-time visual editing. Designing with this editor can be summarized in 3 words: Section, Wrap, and Element.

The first component, the section, serves as a container for Wraps. The section offers various options, including background customization and more. This versatile block provides nearly limitless possibilities for customization and management.

Sections options bar is always green in color and becomes visible when you hover over a particular section, wrap, or element within the interface.

Now, let’s turn our attention to Wrap. Wraps serve as containers within a section and feature a sleek grey color. Within a single section, you can utilize as many wraps as you desire, and it can customize to any size. With wraps, you can unlock a multitude of layout variations and take advantage of its diverse built-in options. But remember, the possibilities extend far beyond these initial offerings. The true potential of wraps is limited only by your imagination. The options on the Item bar are similar to those available for the wrap:

The final component is an Element distinguished by its consistently blue color in the options bar. Adding an Item is a straightforward process—locate the desired one in the left-sidebar and effortlessly drag and drop it into the editor wherever you prefer. It couldn’t be simpler. Each element has many options, providing virtually boundless possibilities for creating diverse layouts. With this wealth of choices, the potential for crafting unique designs knows no bounds. The options on the Item bar are similar to those available for the wrap:
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