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Webifly Quick Start Guide brings a new look to creating websites & stores. It introduces many impressive features, including the enhanced Webilfy Builder, an extensive collection of shortcodes and pre-made layouts, portfolio layouts, swipe technology, the powerful Revolution Slider, and more. With this awesome theme, you can craft any page you want. As you navigate this manual, you will realize that implementing Webifly options is effortless.

How To Build a Website:

Quick Start Guide to Starting a New Project

To begin, let’s explore two methods for opening Webifly.
You can choose either option based on your preference or requirements: accessing it through the List of posts/pages or directly from an individual post/page.
webifly guide - Starting New Project
Once you enter the editor, your entire page will be dedicated to Webifly. First, let’s explore the buttons on the slim top sidebar.
  1. + - After clicking each element, all the items will be loaded in the panel located on the left side.
  2. Pre-built sections, you will discover a wide range of ready-to-use blocks that can be easily accessed with a single click. These blocks have been organized into different groups, ensuring effortless navigation and helping you quickly locate the perfect one for your needs.
  3. Revisions - We offer four distinct types of revisions to enhance security.
  4. Import / Export: In this feature, you can import or export content, import previously created page templates, or generate additional content for SEO purposes and plugins such as Yoast.
  5. Back to WordPress - By clicking this button, you will be redirected to the main dashboard of WordPress.
  6. Page Options: This section provides you with a comprehensive range of options for individual pages, including sliders, sidebars, and various other customization features.
  7. View Page: This button will open the page in a new window exactly as it is.
  8. Preview: This function operates similarly to the default WordPress preview, allowing you to preview BeBuilder content that has yet to be saved or published.
  9. Settings - set of options for webifly
webifly website building guide
webifly - quick start guide
Now, let’s move on to the next stage, where we’ll explore the admin panel on the left side of the previously mentioned slim stripe. Within this section, the panel will populate the options on the thin bar positioned to the right. Consequently, any elements we wish to include will be displayed here, and if we opt for utilizing the revision, their corresponding list will appear instead, among other possibilities.
Finally, we’ll direct our attention to the bar at the bottom, featuring a selection of options. Beginning from the left side, we have the following set of choices available:
Responsive mode
It provides enhanced control over the layout by seamlessly switching between desktop, mobile, and tablet views. This option empowers you to optimize your design across different devices, ensuring an optimal user experience regardless of the screen size.
Redo & Undo Buttons
If you have made a mistake and wish to revert to a previous step, you can easily accomplish this by utilizing the Redo and Undo buttons. These buttons provide convenient functionality to correct errors and backtrack your actions.
Like the default WordPress button, this update enables you to update, publish, or save your work as a draft effortlessly.
webifly - quick start guide
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